Entry process

Phase 1: pre-entry preparation

  • 1、Understand investment promotion information

    1)brand:key brand recruitted by the global mall. You can also recommend high-quality brands to the global mall,some categories are not limited to brand investment

    2)Enterprises: legitimately registered enterprise users, and can provide all relevant documents required by the global mall to settle in, do not accept individual businesses.

    3)Qualification requirements are detailed in:《fundamental qualifications standard for investment promotion on the open platform of the global mall 》Qualification standards for various categories.

  • 2、prepare qualification materials

    1)Click to query for entryQualifications and fees

    2)Please affix the official seal of the store company (fresh seal) for materials prepared

    3)If the application materials are missing, they will be returned to you for resubmission. It is recommended that you prepare the complete information in advance and pass the review once.

Phase 2: Application for entry

  • 1、Register an account

    1)Before entering the entry process, pleaseRegister for a personal account,Used for entering associations

    2)Enter the global mall user center to verify your mobile phone and mailbox to ensure the security of your information

    3)Enter the seller center, click open shop now, enter the process of entry

  • 2、Fill in company information

    1)Confirm the entry agreement and check the instructions for entry.

    2)Enter the store contact information, so that we can contact you at the first time if we encounter any problems in the process of entry

    3)Fill in company information, including business license, organization code, and business information.

  • 3、Fill in the store information

    1)Fill in the store information, including the store type, business category and brand. Submit company and category brand related qualifications. Click to view the required qualifications for entry.

    2)Choose the store name and domain name you wish to use.

    3)Sign the contract and submit the application for entry.

  • 4、Sign the contract and submit the application for entry.

    1)Confirm the online service agreement and submit the application for entry.

Phase 3: Review

  • 1、Preliminary review of qualifications

    1)The qualifications are true and effective.

    2)The scale meets the requirements for entry.

    3)The authorization is valid and the link is complete.

    4)Production, business scope, product safety, and complete qualifications are in compliance with the requirements of national administrative regulations.

    5)Review period: 2 business days.

  • 2、Investment promotion review

    1)Investment promotion review,review period: 2 business days.

    2)Store authorization, about 1 business day.

  • 3、Review progress query

    1)Merchants can inquire about the check-in progress. Important information in the process of check-in will be sent to the mailbox you filled in in the entry contact information by mail.

Phase 4: Store-opening Task

  • 1、Contact and address information maintenance

    1)Contact information: Improve contact information for different management roles.

    2)Maintenance of common address: Maintenance of return and exchange address information.

  • 2、Account security verification

    1)Account security verification:Set the account to bind the phone number, mailbox (it can be used to reset the password).

  • 3、Paying for a store

    1)Online payment platform usage fee, quality insurance cost, complete payment. Click to viewcharge standard

    2)the global mall confirms the payment was correct.

    3)Shop status becomes open, you can log in the merchant background to start normal operation. Click to view the store guide.

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